Going the Extra Mile

Christianity is all about going the extra mile, doing what others aren’t willing to do and certainly going beyond the call of duty. Loving God, loving others, making disciples and fulfilling The Great Commission are all commandments. But to do any of these things effectively it requires us to go the extra mile.

Throughout history, and in Scripture, the church has experienced seasons of incredible awakening. There were several of these great awakenings or revivals in America’s history.

The first, which began in the 1730’s, was led by Jonathan Edwards and George Whitfield. To this day parts of the church across the world have lived with the great hope of seeing God move again in this wonderful way.

The hope of a great awakening has also burned in our hearts for a long time and after six years of hosting New Zealand and Beyond, in Auckland and now in Christchurch, we believe it is time to stir up the hope for a great awakening in our nation and also in the nations of the world.

Conference Speakers:

Wayne Cordeiro

Wayne is the founding pastor of New Hope Christian Fellowship in Honolulu.

Joel Holm

Joel Holm is a regular keynote speaker at New Zealand and Beyond Conferences. Joel teaches and consults with churches and church networks around the world.

Tak Bhana

Tak Bhana is the host of New Zealand & Beyond and Senior Pastor of Church Unlimited.

Murray Thom

Murray Thom is one of New Zealand’s leading Christian businessmen and was named one of the Top 10 Entrepreneurs of the Decade.

Paul Bennetts

Paul Bennetts along with his wife Jill, are the founding pastors of Life Church at La Vida in Christchurch and just last year celebrated 25 years of leading the church.


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