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Learning about Christianity, the church, Christianity in New Zealand and Christianity’s place in social and moral issues we face today are some of the ways we build and strengthen the Church of Aotearoa. This is why we are making the shift towards categorising and producing content with the objective of helping people understand the role of Christianity both in Aotearoa and globally.

We strive to post articles that are in keeping with a conservative evangelical Christian view.

Rev Dr Brian Winslade, new Deputy Secretary of the WEA

Earlier this week, the WEA introduced Rev Dr Brian Winslade, of Hamilton, as the new Deputy Secretary. Brian is also a member of the NZCN Working Board.

Victoria’s new ‘gay conversion’ law is also a violation of gay peoples’ freedom

Caution: there is much more to Victoria’s legislation which bans so-called “gay conversion therapy” than most people realise.

Gay conversion therapy: some serious implications for New Zealand

The problem is that legislation outlawing “gay conversion therapy” often goes much further than merely banning coercive practices.

How Do Non-American Evangelicals Respond to the U.S.?

WEA’s Dr Brian Stiller provides a fresh evangelical perspective on USA evangelicals and the political views of many of them.

The Blessing | Aotearoa New Zealand

A virtual choir of Aotearoa New Zealand Christians beautifully demonstrates what happens when we work together in unity.

About Christianity

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The Church

WEA General Assembly 2019

Eleven years after the 2008 WEA General Assembly, we sense the mighty move of the Holy Spirit… What must evangelism and disciple-making look like in the coming decade?

Christianity in Aotearoa New Zealand

MEDIA RELEASE: Christians eager to be responsible about COVID-19

Christians eager to be responsible about COVID-19 21 March 2020 The New Zealand Christian Network, the alliance of evangelical churches, organisations and individuals in Aotearoa New Zealand, commends the New Zealand Government for its leadership in our time of COVID-19 crisis. We agree that all New Zealanders must do what is necessary at this time [...]

Identity politics insults us all

Who am I, really? Who defines me? Is it what I am or who I am that counts? What is ‘identity politics’ and how does it affect how I view myself – and others?

Christianity and Social & Moral Issues

Is the legalisation of cannabis racist?

There is a common accusation from those who support the legalisation of cannabis that the illegality of cannabis causes disproportionate harm to ethnic minorities. Joseph Boden, a professor in the Department of Psychological Medicine at the University of Otago, Christchurch and who sits on the government’s Expert Panel on Cannabis asserts that “Prohibition is racist, it operates in a racist manner, and you see this everywhere and that’s one of the main reasons, to me, to get rid of it. It’s actually a tool for white people to oppress minorities.

Critiquing Chlöe on Cannabis

Recently on ZM’s Fletch, Vaughan & Megan morning show, Green MP Chlöe Swarbrick was interviewed about the upcoming cannabis legalisation referendum. Mark Maney sums up Chlöe’s arguments and provides a short response.