General Manager & Board Member

Gayann Phillips

NZCN & Pray As One NZ 4 days per week


Gayann became our Content Strategist mid-2013, after considerable history doing volunteer work for the network alongside her husband, Stephen.

Fostering unity in the body is a high priority in her life and she is working towards that by developing our website to help Christians connect though our online community.

Her primary ministry focus is prayer and she heads up the team at Pray As One NZ as well as is the event administrator for the regional Prayer Breakfasts that NZCN is establishing throughout the nation.

Born and raised in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in Canada, Gayann followed God’s call and moved to New Zealand in 1987. She worked in the architectural industry as a computer draughtsperson and engaged in all things musical within the church. She continues to study new technology in an effort to improve communication as well as facilitate the variety of opportunities she comes across.