Brave Love – Women’s Conference


Brave love is a movement that is inspiring women to love with action. Birthed in 2012 in a humble garage gathering in Southern California with about 30 women, motivating them to discover their true calling and live as women knowing that what they have to bring to the world is powerful and effective. 

Brave Love is now being activated across the globe; this coming August 2018, Brave Love will be launched here in New Zealand with the very first Brave Love Conference in our nation. 

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We have the Brave Love team from YWAM Kona coming to share this with us & speak into our lives.

Each one of you will leave knowing the message and calling God has on your life.

We encourage you to come with a group of friends or a church group. So you can go home and bring the movement to your own churches and communities.

Brave Love manuals will be available to purchase at the conference.

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