CityChangers 2018

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…a city where every church worked together, celebrating each other’s victories as the Kingdom of God advanced. Imagine a city where the civil leaders, educators, business people and churches came together to each bring their unique part to see the city prosper and succeed.

Imagine a new breed of leaders who are committed not only to the success of their own organisations and churches, but who understand the blessing that comes on unity, and long to see that released in their city.

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CityChangers is about bringing leaders like this together, making connections and being inspired with the testimonies and discoveries of what God is doing in other cities around the world. It’s not just a vain hope, it’s actually happening in our day and we want to see Aotearoa New Zealand right on the cutting edge!

We invite you to join us for the first CityChangers conference. Prepare to be equipped and energised to use what God has given you to change the city around you!

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Alan Platt

Alan Platt is an agent of transformation in the lives of individuals, local churches and corporate structures of society. Under his leadership the Doxa Deo church in Pretoria is currently serving 30,000 people in eleven different campuses functioning as one integrated church. Through Alan’s primary gifting of leadership and teaching, he has influenced a wide spectrum of organisations, denominations and church networks internationally and beyond the church to the influencing of the business sector, education and society at large.

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NORTH SHORE – Lucius Botha

Sunday 2 September 9:30 am
Monday 3 September 6:30 pm
Doxa Deo Auckland

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Sanjai Kandregula

Tuesday 4 September 12 pm
City Church Waitakere

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Tuesday 4 September 7:30 pm
The River Christian Church