Confident Christianity Conference 2019

Can you give both intellectually and emotionally satisfying answers to tough questions about God and Jesus? Can you represent Christ’s message in a reasonable and compassionate way, even in the face of doubt and scepticism?

Confident Christianity Conference – our annual premier conference – is packed full of top international and local speakers who will equip you with the tools to sensitively and skillfully respond to the biggest objections Christians encounter today.

Become equipped to live a confident, yet gracious, everyday faith.

  • Be equipped with skills and knowledge for God conversations with your friends.
  • Be encouraged in struggles with doubts about your faith.
  • Get answers to some of the most common questions non-believers ask about your Christian faith.
  • Be motivated to engage others in conversations about God.

Confident Christianity is not an academic-level or overly-intellectual conference. We aim to have presentations with a balanced mix of teaching, training and encouragement to impact both the head and the heart.


Early Bird pricing

Adult     |    $79      Save $10
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Student       |     $45      Save $10
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Standard Pricing

Adult     |    $89
Pensioner      |     $69

Student       |     $55
Family      |     $239 


7th-8th June

Northcross Church
826a East Coast Road
Oteha, Auckland

Early Bird pricing available until 10th May 2019


14th-15th June

C3 City Church
252 Otumoetai Road
Otumoetai, Tauranga

Early Bird pricing available until 17th May 2019


24th-25th May

Hope Presbyterian Church
27 Amyes Rd
Hornby, Christchurch

Early Bird pricing available until 26th April 2019 

Keynote Speaker | Auckland & Tauranga

Stuart McAllister | International Director | Ravi Zacharias International Ministries

Keynote Speaker for Auckland and Tauranga, Stuart McAllister saw his life changed by Christ at the early age of twenty. A hunger to learn more and deepen his understanding of the faith eventually led him to join Operation Mobilization in 1978. He worked with the organization for twenty years in Vienna, Austria, and his service took him to Yugoslavia, where he was imprisoned for forty days for distributing Christian literature. Upon his release, he continued to work in communist countries, resulting in more imprisonments.

Stuart joined Ravi Zacharias International Ministries in 1998 as the International Director and today serves as Global Support Specialist. With a heavy travel schedule that takes him all over the globe, Stuart speaks in churches, universities, and other forums with the same passion he first knew as a follower of Christ.

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Keynote Speaker | Christchurch

Dan Paterson | Ravi Zacharias International Ministries

Dan Paterson is a speaker with Ravi Zacharias International Ministries based in Brisbane, Australia. After some family tragedies in his childhood that raised a series of barriers to belief in God, Dan came to Christ at eighteen years old through an investigation of the New Testament. The towering figure of Jesus of Nazareth and his response to suffering moved him to faith.

Given this background and his involvement in speaking to youth, Dan developed a driving passion to study theology and apologetics in order to help make sense of the Christian faith for skeptics and spiritual seekers. He completed a bachelor’s and master’s degree in ministry and theology in Australia as well as the one-year course at the Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics.

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Conference Topics and Speakers

These topics and presentation titles are still being finalised – so the following list will grow and change in the coming months. Due to speaker limitations not all topics will be covered in all cities and topics are subject to change:

The Saturated Self, Pursuing Life In An Age of Information Overload

Which Happiness? Whose Good Life? The Pursuit Of Happiness As God Intends

Freedoms Call, The Longing For Lasting and Real, Freedom

Our Non-Physical World – Everything That Makes Us Human

Making Sense Of Suffering – Why Evil Is A Problem For Atheists

The Case For The Ressurection – How We Can Know Jesus Rose From The Dead

The Gospel and The Courage To Be Countercultural​

Effective Use of Social Media in Cultural Engagement

Call Me Crazy, But I Think God Is Real!

Tough doubts, real faith – Is God an imaginary friend, or a real one?

Has Science Buried God? Does Science Make More Sense In A Christian Or Atheistic World?

Why Suffering? How The Christian Story Changes Our Experience Of Suffering

Am I Crazy to Believe in Miracles? Do Extraordinary Claims Require Extraordinary Evidence?

Understanding Transgenderism – A Christian Response to the Gender Identity Phenomenon

Heterosexuality; The Hazardous Journey Into Adulthood

The Latest Threat to Christian Morality and Freedom: Therapeutic Sexual-formation Censorship Legislation

Re-branding New Zealand: How Small Ideas Can Change The Thinking Of A Nation

…and more to be announced

Due to some conflicts in schedules, not all of our speakers are presenting at all three of our conference cities: the conferences each speaker is presenting at is indicated at the bottom of each speaker bio. AKL | TGA | CHC


David Riddell | Founder | Living Wisdom

Trained in Theology, psychology and Pastoral care, with over 30,000 hours of logged counselling hours, David has incredible insight into the psychological behind many relevant cultural and hot topic issues such as sexuality, anxiety and depression.


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Renee Joubert | Executive Officer | Euthanasia-Free NZ

Renée Joubert is the executive officer of Euthanasia-Free NZ, a secular non-profit organisation informing the public about implications of legal euthanasia and assisted suicide. Euthanasia-Free NZ is a member of the Care Alliance, along with Hospice New Zealand, the Salvation Army, Family First and others.



Brendan Malone | Focus on the Family

Brendan Malone has been working full-time in pro-life, marriage, and family ministry for the last 14 years where he speaks at churches, universities, high schools, and conferences on bioethics and sexuality issues throughout New Zealand and Australia.


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Mark Powell | Chairman | NZ Christian Network

Former CEO of The Warehouse Group, Mark now has a number of commercial and Christian not-for-profit board roles. A speaker for Thinking Matters, he regularly presents at churches and conferences around New Zealand.


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Ann Hutchison | Senior University Lecturer

After building a career in human resource management Ann discovered academia in her early thirties and became hooked on research.  As a past HR practitioner, her research has a practical bent, aimed at serving the HR profession. Her research focuses on some core areas of HR delivery: recruitment and selection, staff development, reward and performance management, with a particular context of interest: senior executives. She is also particularly interested in supervising masters or PhD students who wish to conduct research on the senior-executive context.


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Adam Claasen | Senior History University Lecturer

A university academic with 19 years teaching and research experience in the field of history, Dr. Adam Claasen also talks on the intersection of faith and popular culture & the historical links between faith and science.


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Dave Mann | Shining Lights Trust

Author of the booklets “Because we care”, “That Leaders might last,” Dave Mann is passionate about communicating an understanding of the Christian Faith in the public square in creative and engaging ways.


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Rodney Lake | National Director | Thinking Matters

Rodney speaks at churches, youth groups, conferences and to non-believers at outreach events around the country on the reasons why Christianity is true. He is an adjunct apologetics lecturer at Faith Bible College and Bethlehem Tertiary Institute.


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Todd Funk | Director of Speaker Development | Thinking Matters

Todd‘s messages, teaching and ministry have powerfully impacted people of all ages on several continents. He has spoken for Thinking Matters at our Confident Christianity conferences and Unshaken Youth & Young Adult Conference and has been involved in men’s ministries and accountability groups for over 15 years.


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Jason Knapp | National Youth Director | Thinking Matters

Passionate about seeing young people equipped to navigate culture & persuasively share their faith with others, Jason is a dynamic communicator who speaks to students across the country at youth ministries, churches, and university campuses.


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Bruce Fraser | Director of Leadership Development | Thinking Matters

Working days as a Software Architect & nights & weekends as a husband and father of two, Bruce is passionate about seeing people love God with their whole heart, mind, soul and strength.


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…and more to be announced!

Start and end time of this event

Start 7 Jun 2019 7:00 pm

End 8 Jun 2019 5:00 pm

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