Engage Conference 2018

If you want inspiration and equipping for your key leaders and members for their mission – this is it!

What’s unique about this conference?

  • It’s a national conference that is about one topic: Outreach in NZ
  • It covers a wide range of areas of expertise related to outreach
  • And we put NZ practitioners on the stage!


This conference is bringing vision to the table for how we, as the Church in Aotearoa-New Zealand, can better represent ourselves and the message of hope we have with our nation. This is about listening to our own heroes – to learn from practitioners in our own nation about how we could better bless our communities, and bring change!


3-8pm Thurs 20th Sept | $30 incl. dinner


8am-1pm Fri 21st Sept | $50 incl. breakfast, tea & lunch


2pm Friday 21st – 6pm Saturday 22nd Sept
Tea breaks, Friday dinner and Saturday lunch included

Full – adult: $120 | $90 Early-bird by 31 Aug
Full – student / retiree: $80 | $60 Early-bird by 31 Aug
Saturday only: $70 adults  / $40 students or retirees


How spiritual are we really? (A statistical analysis) – Dr Geoff Troughton (Victoria University) and Dr Joseph Bulbulia (University of Auckland)
Believing for a harvest (a theology of results) – Ps Tony Collis
Church based community ministries and the gospel  – Aimee Mai (CAP)
Connecting Christ with Maori on the Marae – Jade Hohaia (Social Entrepreneur/Communicator)
Reaching Asian Immigrants – (pending)
Communicating Christian messages in secular places – Gordon Copeland (Businessman/previous Politician)
Te Tiriti o Waitangi (A document to be proud of) – Jay Ruka (Author/communicator)
Reaching the one – Ps David Dishroon (Changepoint Church, Tauranga)
The Helen Clark Story  – Gordon Copeland (Businessman/previous Politician)
What it means to have a mission – Dave Mann (Director – Shining Lights Trust, Initiator – Hope Project)
Losing our children (How to turn it around) – Karen Warner (Baptist Family and Children’s Ministries)
Conversation with a Mormon – Lew Meyer
Inspiration: The ‘Expelled – No Intelligence Allowed’ Story – Logan Craft (Pastor, academic, businessman, film-maker, TV show host) 
Plus 7 seminar tracks (children, youth, pastors, evangelisers, apologetics, marketplace, community ministry)

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