Festival One 2019



25-28 JAN 2019


Music, Art & Community. Like the rhythm of a pulsing heart, these three things beat in the core of who we are. Music, Art & Community. Three practices in which we explore and find meaning. Music, Art  & Community. Three forms of expression tying us into what it means to be human.

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With community the central icon on it’s metaphorical  flag, Festival One comes across a little different. Born in the dusty summer of 2015, the festival has now run continuously for 4 strong years. Each year a wave of sun-soaked people from around the tiny islands of New Zealand come together and pitch their tents with intense expectation.

Over the last 4 years bands such as Switchfoot, Gungor, All Sons & Daughers, Bethel Music, Tenth Avenue North, The Brilliance along side speakers Rikk E. Watts, Sam Bloore, two tonnes of free meat and a vibe that struggles to be explained have greeted these pilgrims.

Festival One capped numbers at 5000
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Interested in what we believe in? Take a look at our Statement of Faith.

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Start and end time of this event

Start 25 Jan 2019 10:00 am

End 28 Jan 2019 12:00 pm

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