Focus on the Middle East

Understanding what God is doing among Muslims, Christians and Jews in the Middle East and around the world


Friday 7 pm  |  Saturday 9 am – 1 pm  |  Electives 3-4:30 pm  |  Sunday 7 pm


Father Douglas al-Bazi (Iraq)

Douglas has a story of following Jesus that will leave you challenged, moved and burdened for the “Christian Genocide” of Iraqi Believers. Douglas was kidnapped by Islamic terrorists in 2006. He was held for 9 days during which time he was tortured. He suffered multiple injuries including two broken vertebrae from his spinal cord, his face and teeth were smashed with a hammer. He was released after the Chaldean Catholic Church paid $170,000 in ransom.

Douglas has worked as a Priest of Baghdad and Erbil. He built an entire refugee camp after ISIS displaced thousands of Christians in Iraq.

Pastor Ross Ferguson (New Zealand)

With decades of experience in pastoral ministry and support for Israel, persecuted Christians, Ross has a keen insight into the heart of God for the Middle East. He will share on a recent trip to the Middle East.

Handel George Matatia (Samoa)

After a genuine conversion to Jesus, George has dedicated his life to share with others the love of his Saviour. He has particular insights into the persecuted Christians of the Middle East. George is active in building friendships with Muslims in Auckland City.

Steven Dunne (UK)

After a glorious conversion to following Jesus in 1990, Steven has been fearless on befriending Muslims and Jews from the Middle East and sharing with them the Gospel of Jesus. He presently works in the largest Muslim communities of New Zealand. He will share insights from 20 years of study on the nature of Islam.

Raj Kashyap (India)

Raj was born into a deeply religious Hindu family in India. After three years of critically analyzing and questioning Christianity, while at the same time experiencing God’s love through the supernatural. He received the gift of faith and gave his life to Jesus in 2012. God worked amazingly in Raj’s life and lead him into becoming an active witness of the Gospel of Jesus on the streets of Auckland.


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