Laidlaw Winter Sessions Ngā Kōrero O Takurua

What does Jesus offer in times like these?

Rediscover the transformative hope of the Gospel.

In the midst of confusion and uncertainty we are called to inhabit our faith, more than ever.

We invite you to join us for the Laidlaw Winter Sessions Ngā Kōrero O Takurua as we reflect on the transformation that is happening individually and in our communities during this time of dramatic change. We are compelled to consider our response as we dig deeper in the understanding and implications of our humanity in Christ, and explore how we can partner with the work of the Spirit in our local and global communities. Join us for conversations of faith, purpose and transformation as we are encouraged to live our chapter faithfully & hopefully in the story to which we have been called to participate in.

The Winter Sessions is an online conference drawing from across Laidlaw’s faculty. With key speakers:

MIRIAM FISHER – Living our chapter faithfully & hopefully
MYK HABETS – Transformation in Christ
GREG LISTON – Compelling Church
SARAH PENWARDEN – Growing in Individual Purpose
BRADFORD HAAMI – Discerning the Season
REBECCA DE JONG – Mission in a Changing Landscape

Registration is essential. Koha is optional.We invite those that are able, to consider either a $20 koha or an amount of your choosing. Please note: It is not a koha per individual / member of the church / organisation / tertiary institute, but the koha covers all participants from one community. E.g. If a church is registered for this event, all members of the church who wish to attend are covered by the one-off koha.

Please register through our website

Please email Jeanette: if you have any questions

Event Details
StartJune 27, 20209:00 amEndJune 27, 20203:00 pm

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