Real Mates You Can Count On

“Real Mates You Can Count On”
(and how to be a real friend to others)

Who is your closest male friend and how close are you? Is he an acquaintance, a friend or a brother?

Aaron Ironside will guide us through the various types of friendship and why friends are especially important when we go through hard times. Jesus related differently to people on different levels and so do we. What are those differences in our lives, and how do we react?

Aaron has a wealth of experience to share from both the perspective of a professional counsellor and from multiple real life friendship experiences. He will help us navigate into deeper, more meaningful relationships.

“The wall that you use to keep out the bad also keeps out the good. Walls are a broken strategy.” – Aaron

Registration options:

Option 1 – Online Livestream Event – FREE
Time:  Livestream presentation starts at 7:30am
Available from anywhere there is an internet connection. Watch it alone or as a group.

Option 2 – Breakfast Meal in Christchurch with Aaron Ironside Live
Time:  Breakfast starts at 7:00am, followed by Aaron’s presentation at 7:30am.
Venue:  Riccarton Baptist Church, 80 Rattray Street, Riccarton
Cost:  $15* (Breakfast includes bacon, eggs, hash browns, baked beans, cereal, tea & coffee) *Fundraiser for community youth to go to summer camp

Option 3 – View Livestream Event online with other men at PK HQ in Auckland – FREE
Time:  Starts at 7:30am
Venue:  Promise Keepers, 97 Mt Eden Road, Grafton, Auckland
Note:  NO breakfast meal provided, but tea & coffee available.

Event Details
StartOctober 27, 20187:00 amEndOctober 27, 20189:00 am
Riccarton Baptist Church
80 Rattray Street, Riccarton

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