Venn Summer Conference 2020


The Christian faith is deep, alive, and worth living well. 

It speaks of our world as filled with beauty and meaning, created by a good God with good purpose. It calls us to live lives marked by wonder, imagination, deep thought, rich feeling, love, courage, and service. This faith has transformed the lives of men and women for generations: given new energy and meaning to the student at her desk, the worker in his office, the athlete with her team, the writer with his pen, the scientist in her lab.

Venn Summer Conference is an opportunity to explore this vision of God, ourselves, and the world, and how it affects all parts of life. Over seven days of learning, conversation, good food, and fun, you’ll come to see the truth, beauty, and challenge of the Christian life.

This summer, join 100 students, young professionals, and creatives from around Aotearoa, New Zealand for seven days as we explore this rich, transforming faith and what it means for our lives.

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Start and end time of this event

Start 10 Jan 2020 3:00 pm

End 17 Jan 2020 2:00 pm

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