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Christchurch Community Church – Encounter Congregation Leader/Pastor

Full-time position

“Encounter” is one of the 4 congregations of the Christchurch Community Church, and was established 8 years ago to minister primarily to, and reach out to, second and third generation Asians living in NZ, and to the wider English speaking Community.

We are seeking someone who;

·       Loves God and His church and is called by God to raise up next generation young people

·       Is passionate about the Gospel and mission, and the preaching/teaching of the Word of God.

·       Is sensitive to, and empowered by, the Holy Spirit to serve, lead, disciple, and grow the church; the community of Encounter.

·       Is committed to leading relationally with integrity and transparency, to journey with and empower the community of Encounter.

·       Is able to work collaboratively with the staff team of the wider Church.

·       Has a heart for the wider Kingdom of God and the wider community.

·       Understands the next generation of Asians in New Zealand and is able to connect with them in a way that speaks to their needs and aspirations.

·       Does not lean on their own understanding but seeks the guidance and leading of the Holy Spirit through prayer, intimacy with God and fellowship with others.

Encounter Leader/Pastor;

·       Will work in conjunction with the governing board of the Church (Church Council Board)

·       Will embrace and uphold the church’s statement of faith;

·       Will ideally have a solid foundation of theological training and 3 years of experience in full time church ministry.

·       Ideally be able to take up this role mid 2023

To apply, please email your CV and a covering letter to

by Sunday 30th April 2023..


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To apply for this job email your details to