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When you are an athlete and a uni student there is a lot to think about: figuring out which papers you’re doing, where classes are and who you will spend your time with while you’re at uni.  If you love sports like we do and consider sports performance a big part of your life, then you will also be thinking about how to fit your training and competition schedule around classes, figure out balance between sport and study as well as where to find the best clubs and coaching.
Athletes in Action is a group of students and sports people who understand the demands that get placed on an athlete’s life while they’re at uni. We’re here to help. We believe that knowing Jesus is necessary to transform an athlete’s life and the world around them for good. So we also believe in helping athletes take their passion, faith and sport to new places.
Through our action groups and “monthly meet ups” you’ll have an opportunity to connect with other sports players during your time at university.  Not only that, but you’ll also have the opportunity to consider the questions of faith and their ramifications for life and sport.

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