In February 2015 an idea was presented to the Taupo Ministers Group for consideration: that a national Easter Festival (Easterfest) be held in Taupo, the “events capital of NZ” and hosted by the churches of Taupo.  This festival would be established as a means to celebrate Easter and to bring greater unity.  It was met with unanimous agreement.

Easterfest (NZ) is overseen by a Governance Group, which is comprised of members of the Taupō Ministers Group and local community. The members of this Governance Group together formed the Easterfest (NZ) Trust.

This trust was established November 2015 to give guidance to the Easterfest Taupō organising committee, as well as to assist in facilitating the public events and to coordinate with the existing Easter programs of Taupō area churches. All of this is with the mission to make the name of Jesus Christ and His immense love for us known to the people and to convey what Easter means in the story of the life of Jesus Christ and its bearing on eternity.

Jesus prayed: “May they be as one…. so that the world may know”  – John 17:20 -23

For any more info or to contact the Trustees or Governance Group, please email us.

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