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FamilyLife is a non-profit, faith-based, charitable trust committed to building strong marriages and families.

A love that lasts – it’s the one thing people want more than anything, yet it seems to be the one thing that’s the hardest to find; certainly, to keep.

The reasons for the great number of unsuccessful marriages and broken families are many and often complex. We hear alarming divorce statistics and marriage is often held up as irrelevant and old-fashioned today.  And yet the truth, is most married couples are very happy and enjoy the significance of a committed and fulfilling relationship.


So for those that do struggle, there is hope. And there is help. And it begins with a return to timeless Biblical principles.  At FamilyLife, we’re committed to helping couples build their homes on this solid, proven foundation. In everything we do, our weekend getaways, our one-day events, our small group studies, books and resources, we offer practical, timeless solutions for enjoying a healthy, happy, meaningful, family life.

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