In these times, the world reveals a global paradox of an increase of darkness in an enlightened world. Despite unthinkable advances in scientific knowledge, earthquakes are occurring more frequently in various places as if bemused by man’s advancements. Even as the economy continues to project exuberant abundance, poverty intensifies amidst the wealth. The world is becoming more integrated, yet there is still an increase of division and divisiveness.

The growing trend of unified world religions proclaims peace, however religious strife and wars are increasing. We speak of the ‘smart’ information age, but people are becoming increasingly unintelligent. People are using their entire lives to gain knowledge while simultaneously, losing wisdom. They work hard to try and achieve happiness but are left more insecure than ever before.

The world is growing darker and the earth is filled with the signs of the end times. The global market brandishes absolute power and is becoming beastly. Through ruthless and relentless competition, the market dictates a dog-eat-dog kind of world in order to survive.

Dictated by market forces, there is an ever-widening gap between the strong and weak, and the haves and the have-nots. People are more frightened by the prospect of an uncertain future. They are increasingly losing the ability to discern between good and evil, truth and lies, wisdom and deception, righteousness and anger, and love and lust. The older generation is likened to veterans returning from war, who lament in solitude and loneliness. The young generation is lost as they wander aimlessly in darkness, in, confusion, and frustration.

Dear beloved brothers and sisters in Christ, are you afraid of the increasing power of darkness in the world? Are you afraid of the uncertainty that looks? You must come before our Lord Jesus Christ who has been given all power and authority in heaven and on earth. Are you fighting alone in darkness against sin?

Remember our Lord Jesus Christ who, through the cross, triumphed over the principalities and the powers of this world. Together, let us come boldly before the throne of grace. Together, let us kneel down and pray. We need the power and authority in the name of Jesus Christ, to which even the gods of this world must submit.

In the powerful and glorious name of our Lord Jesus Christ, we invite you to Mission Conference. May you receive power as the Holy Spirit comes upon you. May your body and spirit be renewed and restored through the Holy Spirit.

We are History Makers

INTERCP is a non-denominational, overseas mission organization founded in 1983 whose vision is for frontier pioneering missions among the unreached people groups of the 10/40 window. INTERCP uses creative approach methods to carry out God’s Great Commission in the gospel frontiers and we cooperate with all evangelical mission organizations, denominations, and local churches to complete the mission of rapid global evangelization.

As of 2016, we have commissioned more than 1200 long-term missionaries into 40 different people groups in the 10/40 window including Asia Minor, Caucuses, Central Asia, Persia, Arab, Mongol-Siberia, North India, China Frontiers, Volga-Ural, Indochina, and Maghreb regions. With the central purpose of church planting, we serve these regions through ministries such as social education, medicine, area development, research, and volunteer work to carry out a holistic mission approach.

There are also more than 1000 staffs serving in 50 branches in Korea and 600 overseas branches through mission education, research, mobilization, and support to train 8000 people per year worldwide as missionary candidates for the frontier unreached people groups.

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