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Who are we?

New Zealand Christians in Science aims to represent scientists in industry and the academy who are active Christians. NZCIS is closely associated with theologians who are contributing to the science and faith discussion through TANSA (Theology and the Natural Sciences in Aotearoa).

NZCIS has been funded for three years by a generous grant from the John Templeton Foundation.

NZCIS is committed to:

  • Promoting dialogue between Christians and scientists within New Zealand society.
  • Promoting and supporting Christians in the science professions, defined here as professions in the fields of science, medicine, engineering, technology and mathematics.
  • Educating students and professionals in issues of intersection between the Christian faith and science.
  • Promoting the integration of science and faith to the Christian churches of New Zealand.
  • Promoting constructive discussion around science and Christian faith in the wider New Zealand society.
  • Working actively with university students, especially science students, to promote integrative reflection and study.


Our three main aims are to:

  • Support Christians who work in the fields of science.
  • Encourage discussion on matters of faith and science within universities, theological colleges and churches.
  • Engage the public on issues of theology and its interplay with science.

What do we believe?

We believe in the historic creeds of the Church. Individual members hold a variety of positions. We promote vigorous discussion.


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