For people who live down under the Southern Cross, it is hard to sometimes contemplate that there are vast and magnificent galaxies in another distant hemisphere. We tend to think locally rather than globally.


Our host people in the home we call New Zealand came to us from the Northern Hemisphere by means of the Pacific Ocean in their Waka (canoes).

They used the stars – including the Southern Cross – to guide them.

So it was, from this place – the Antipodes – that we heard God speaking to us one day in 1968.

Quite simply, we felt God calling us to lead people to worship through music. We began collecting and writing songs from Bible verses and recorded them using contemporary instruments previously uncommon in a church setting.

Not being musicians ourselves, we gathered people together to help us record the songs to our best ability. With this music, we found ourselves called from the comfort of Aotearoa, to travel and teach people groups around the world, about how to praise and worship their creator.

We could never have contemplated the revolution that followed. People all around the world began singing these simple songs, others began recording similar songs and church music as it was, changed forever. In 1968, we released our first album, simply entitled Scripture in Song, a title which would subsequently define our ministry.

With our two young children in tow, we circled the globe and continued to do so for the next 25 years, teaching, leading and demonstrating the joy we experienced, worshipping God our creator. From Asia to North America, Europe to Africa, God entrusted us to lead people to worship him according to the words of Jesus, in spirit and in truth.

Over the years at Scripture in Song, we completed 30 albums, some gold, some platinum, some that sank without trace. We are humbled to be amongst the pioneers in this great wave of praise and worship that has never failed to cease for over four and a half decades.

In 1993, we felt it was time to conclude Scripture in Song as we knew God was calling us into a new direction. In the same year, New Sound Publishing was created and continues to this day with new albums like ‘Coming Home’ and ‘Let my people go’.

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