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Restoring futures
for vulnerable whanau

We’re passionate about restoring South Auckland families desperately in need of a better future – families overwhelmed by poverty, violence, sexual abuse, drugs and crime. Through our Family Restoration courses, whanau coaching, one-on-one and group mentoring, advocacy and other initiatives – the lives of hundreds of vulnerable families have been dramatically changed.

Our Purpose

Parents cannot create a safe, nurturing environment for their children if the important relationships in their own lives are dysfunctional. Therefore our work is uniquely focussed on restoring relationships by addressing past trauma; resourcing families with tools to live well; and reconnecting people with opportunities to study, work and give back to their community.

restored + resourced + reconnected = resilient


To see once vulnerable families living well and children given every opportunity to reach their full potential.


To restore, resource and reconnect South Auckland’s most at-risk families.


Faith, Family, Partnership, Stewardship.

Working primarily in South Auckland, Te Whakaora Tangata is a Christian, faith-based organisation. The values of faith, family, partnership and stewardship underpin our work with 150-200 parents every year, directly impacting 300-400 vulnerable children. The success of Te Whakaora’s work is not only reflected by the number of families strengthened but by the reality of hope-filled relationships and the breakdown of intergenerational cycles of family dysfunction.

Our Story

Founders, Cliffy and Indranee Reddy emigrated to New Zealand from South Africa in 2001, establishing a successful café in Clendon, Manurewa.They quickly formed warm relationships with the locals and began to see many struggling with drug addiction, habitual offending, abuse, fractured relationships and other challenges, without the necessary support to break free. Determined to help in a more constructive and practical way, the Reddy’s sold their café and home in 2005 to establish faith-based community outreach programmes funded through their own savings. In 2010 the Te Whakaora Tangata Trust was established, originally operating out of the Manurewa Marae. The name Te Whakaora Tangata was gifted to the organisation by one of the Marae Kaumatua, and means “Life Restoration for the People”.

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