Grand Hall

The 27-metre long Grand Hall on the first floor of Parliament House was carefully restored during the 1992-1995 Parliament House refurbishments.

The arched stained glass windows and stained glass ceiling domes are designed so that lighting behind them enhances the decor of the room.

Restoration and refurbishment

Restoration, refurbishment, and earthquake strengthening work at Parliament House from 1992-1995 included work on the Grand Hall. During the work:

  • a new parquet floor of Australian spotted gum, partially covered with a thick traditional-style carpet, was installed
  • the heart rimu (a native New Zealand timber) panelled walls were stripped, strengthened, replaced, and re-varnished
  • gilded plasterwork was replaced to replicate the original architect’s design
  • the arched stained glass panels in the upper walls and the large glass domes in the ceiling were refurbished.

The Grand Hall in history

The Grand Hall, which is close to the Chamber, was used for most of its history as the Members’ Lounge. It was a place where members could play billiards and socialise, especially during late (or all-night) sittings of the House.

The Grand Hall was only open to the public on high ceremonial occasions like the State Opening of Parliament.

The Grand Hall today

The Grand Hall’s rich decor and considerable size make it ideal for accommodating big events. It is a sought-after venue for receptions, dinners, and other functions hosted by members of Parliament.

The public can visit the Grand Hall as part of a guided tour of Parliament.

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