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NZCN|News – March 2020

NZCN|News – March 2020

The next week or so is a very critical time for our nation, with major life and death implications for generations to come. The New Zealand Parliament is in the final stages of voting on the Abortion Law Reform Bill and the 15 March anniversary of the terrorist attack in Christchurch. Read more

MEDIA RELEASE: Christians eager to be responsible about COVID-19

MEDIA RELEASE: Christians eager to be responsible about COVID-19

Christians eager to be responsible about COVID-19 21 March 2020 The New Zealand Christian Network, the alliance of evangelical churches, organisations and individuals in Aotearoa New Zealand, commends the New Zealand Government for its leadership in our time of COVID-19 crisis. We agree that all New Zealanders must do what is necessary at this time […] Read more

NZCN|News - Feb 2020

NZCN|News – Feb 2020

As 2020 gathers momentum, warm greetings from the NZCN leadership team. The Lord alone knows what a year may bring: what calamities, what challenges, and what encouragements and breakthroughs. Read more

It's a matter of Life and Death

It’s a matter of Life and Death

MPs are proceeding with making amendments to the proposed Abortion Legislation Bill before its 3rd reading. Will you do something to help sway the vote in favour of protecting the lives of both mothers and children? Here's what you need to know. Read more

A Giving Strategy for Churches

A Giving Strategy for Churches

Many churches struggle with balancing the books and with inspiring their congregation about giving. This eight-point approach emphasises the importance of a vision and mission for the church that is understood and owned by the congregation. Read more

Jacqui's story -

Jacqui’s story – “I was conceived in rape. I value life.”

"But what about women who have been raped?" Jacqui's story addresses that question and she wanted to make an oral submission to the select committee regarding the proposed changes to abortion law but was declined. Watch her deeply personal and moving story that the Select Committee refused to hear or engage in discussion. Read more


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