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    We are a network of Christian churches, organisations, and individuals, established to help the church in New Zealand be more united and effective, and to present a reasoned Christian voice on public issues to media and government.

    We uphold an orthodox biblical (evangelical) Statement of Faith, and we are the NZ member of the World Evangelical Alliance (WEA), committed to representing evangelical faith positions.

    Our board of reference includes national leaders from all the main denominations.

  2. Vision, Mission, and Kupu

    Centred on Jesus’s prayer ‘may they be one that the world will know’ (Jn 17), our vision is to see unity in the Church and God’s kingdom come in Aotearoa New Zealand.

    MISSION - Helping Christians work together, build the Church, and positively influence society.

    We do this by … developing relationships, identifying critical issues where the Church can be more effective by working together and providing leadership for change. We seek to promote the unity of the Church and reflect publicly the commonly held views by the 500,000 biblically orthodox or evangelical Christians in New Zealand.

    KUPU - Ka mahi tahi, ka ora (From united work comes fulfilment)

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    Since our launch in 2002 we have…

    • organised, participated in, and resourced, dozens of groups and hundreds of significant conversations
    • run 5 Congresses
    • given and mobilised support for large and small evangelism campaigns
    • networked evangelicals in areas such as prayer, marriage, sanctity of life, evangelism, business, and politics
    • represented Heads of Churches in interfaith dialogues
    • issued media releases and made submissions to government select committees where a biblical/evangelical voice was needed
    • appeared on radio and TV
    • participated in public and university debates and forums on important topics.

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NZCN|News – June 2019



Wednesday 26 June will be the critical second reading of the ‘End of Life Choice Bill’ in Parliament. This is a very important decision for New Zealand. Well over 90% of those making submissions to Parliament’s Justice Committee on this matter expressed opposition to the bill, on such grounds as the risks to vulnerable groups such as elderly and disabled people, the implications for suicide prevention, the compromise of the medical profession, and the lack of truly adequate safeguards. There are, of course, also major spiritual and cultural reasons why the State should not be legislating for euthanasia and assisted suicide.

What can we do?

(1) We can pray, that the Spirit of God will move in the hearts and consciences of many MP’s, and make them alert to the dangers of this proposal.

(2) We can still (if we act very quickly) speak to or email our MP, and perhaps some other MPs, briefly and respectfully stating our concern and urging MPs to vote according to their conscience (rather than on any party lines). For many MPs, “religious” arguments are less likely to be persuasive, and can even be counter-productive. You’ll find the details to contact your MP here: https://www.parliament.nz/en/mps-and-electorates/members-of-parliament/


Every day, in various media, there are opinions publicly expressed on the ongoing Israel Folau story, which from many angles is unfortunate. We have published on this earlier.

We believe some issues remain foremost…

  1. How can Christians faithfully hold to God’s truth as revealed in Christ and the Word of God, while also making sure we are wise, respectful, and compassionate in how we express God’s truth, especially in a society which shows increasingly less tolerance for Christian perspectives?
  2. How can our society carefully and fairly protect the freedoms and belief and expression (and freedoms from discrimination) of all faith communities, and of those of no faith?


While summer is often seen as a time to get out and explore, winter is a good time to come together and share our resources and prepare for the seasons ahead. This is especially true the further away you live to the equator, where seasons are distinct – both physically, and spiritually.

This newsletter contains links to stories and event listings on our website that will encourage and help you winter well. Keep reading to the end. There is a special entry to a draw to receive a free copy of Aurora Wonder, by David Lyle Morris to help you through the season.

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