Christian Community Event Calendar

Get details for upcoming events being run by churches and Christian organisations that make up our network

ONLINE and LIVE events from throughout the country are listed


Concerts, exhibitions, festivals…
Celebrations and expressions of creativity

Camps / Hīkoi

Camps – for children, families or groups
Hīkoi – a journey of learning


Community events such as markets and other activities 


Stand along-side others to make a public statement


Events with a primary focus on equipping, teaching and informing


National fundraising events or appeals for Christian organisations

Meetings (denominational)

It helps to know when major national meetings are taking place to help others plan events

Prayer & Fellowship

Coming together to pray, support, and for fellowship

Church Calendar

Special dates in the Church Calendar

NZ Holidays

Public and school holidays

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  • Calendar – filter the type of events or organisers. See Calendar Category Key for details
  • Arrows – move forwards or backwards through the calendar dates (double = years  |  single = month)
  • list – displays a list of events with minimal details, click on the event name to go to the event listing
  • grid – displays a grid of event cards, click on a card to go to the event listing
  • map – displays a map with markers for upcoming events and links to their details
  • month – displays a month-view calendar, click on an event for more details, then on the image or event name for more details
  • year – displays a year-planner calendar, click on the circles for minimal details of the event, which includes links to more details