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Gospel Bicentenary Statement

This is a discussion paper written to mark the bicentenary of the first recorded preaching of the gospel and the beginnings of Christian mission work in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Read and sign it here >

E to matou Matua

The Lord’s Prayer

Your Voice Matters

Learn how to add your voice to others >

While it is easy to agree and disagree with other people’s opinions, it’s actually rare for someone to take a stand and speak up either in support or against an issue in a way that counts. Why? Sometimes, it’s because they think their voice doesn’t really matter. Sometimes they are scared to let others know what they really think because it might not agree with the overruling sentiment. And sometimes, they really just don’t know how to go about it.

When it comes to issues that affect society, often the best way to be heard is to add weight to the voices of others.

This article contains information about different ways you can do this such as starting or signing a petition, organising or joining a protest or demonstration, writing to Members of Parliament, and making submissions.

Topics – A Christian Viewpoint

Myths about Faith and Work

Myths about Faith and Work

Kara Martin shares with us about how the Christian faith is not a part-time activity. It is to be lived out 24-7-52.

Secularism 101

Secularism 101

Many Christians are unfamiliar with the concept of secularism. They have not had the opportunity to consider the threat it poses for our society – for our children, and for future generations. This resource is designed to help readers understand what secularism is, recognise the ways it subtly shapes society, realise how it is contrary to God’s will, and discern how we should respond.

There’s more to marriage!

There’s more to marriage!

We’re confused about marriage. We want ceremonies with vows “till death parts us”, yet every year half as many divorce as marry. How do you picture “marriage”? Weddings, like Hollywood productions, present the dream of perfect couples, it’s all about love and fulfilment. But that Hollywood self-fulfilment picture of marriage isn’t true.

Parry Field Lawyers

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