How-to Guide

Welcome to NZCN | Connect. This simple how-to guide will help get your familiar with the forum and how it works.

First up is letting others know who you are. When your account was created, you would have told us your email address and full name. You can get started if you’re happy with leaving it there however, you can customise your profile and set preferences for notifications regarding activities in discussions you follow etc.

By default, your display name is the same as the user name you selected when your account was created. Although your username is unique and cannot be changed, your display name can.

The top right corner of your screen contains a user panel which acts as your portal to the forums.


You can also access the forums through the top menu under Connect (as you did too get here.)

The How-to Guides probably helped you find this guide, but to find people and groups, you may find it easier in the menu rather than the user panel.

Connect >> Find People >> Individuals – takes you to a listing of everyone with an account on the site. Here you can select from a list of all member or just those you already have become ‘friends’ with on the site. You can search for people and sort member listings by latest active, newest registered or alphabetically. By clicking on a person’s name, you can view their profile and send them a message.

Connect >> Find People >> Groups – takes you to a listing of groups that you can join. Groups can also be searched and listed in a particular order. If you would like to create a group, please enter a request in the Discussion forum under the topic of Group and forum requests. This will help us keep the forum in a easier to navigate order.

Public Discussion Forums will take you directly to the overall Connect Forum. This forum has five sub-forums (which are also on the right fly-out menu for direct access):

  1. All of Life Faith
  2. Marriage, Family and Relationships
  3. Secularism
  4. Value of Life
  5. Other Discussion Forums

If you request a forum, it is likely to become a sub-forum of Other Discussion Forums… but all forums will contain sub-forums and topics related to the main forum name.

Remember, you can always find your forums by accessing them through the User Panel through either Forums or Groups.