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New Zealand society is in a period of significant change, much of it away from Christian faith and values. Christian voices in society are either ignored or scorned. Those Christians who speak or act unwisely are often given publicity, which discredits the church as a whole.

We need Christian voices which are positive, sensible, reasoned, well-informed, and clear. NZCN is uniquely positioned in that. We could do so much more if we had an increased membership, were more widely known, and were much better-resourced.

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As a member of the New Zealand Christian Network you’ll be part of something bigger. It’s a privilege to serve the NZ church by helping to bring together thousands of individuals, churches and organisations together.

Dr Stuart Lange
National Director

By signing up as a member of the New Zealand Christian Network, you are declaring that you are firmly committed to...

Biblical Christianity, and Christians working and praying together

Helping the New Zealand church flourish

Christians speaking constructively into society

Frequently Asked Questions

Does membership of NZCN imply any voting rights for members?

No. Under its constitution NZCN is governed by the Working Board.

Does membership of NZCN imply any authority by NZCN over your church or organisation?

No, not in any way. The relationship between NZCN and member churches and organisations is one of free association between independent entities.

Does membership of NZCN undermine denominational links?

No, membership of NZCN is in addition to a church’s primary affiliations. NZCN will always respect denominations’ own authority, ethos, and processes.

Does membership of NZCN imply an individual, a church or an organisation fully endorses everything NZCN (or even WEA) ever says or does, or that members necessarily agree with everything other members say or do?

No. Members are free to have their own views on all sorts of things, and to discuss these if they wish.

Can anyone apply for church or organisation membership?

Only leaders with authority to apply and to indicate assent with the Statement of Faith can apply for membership on behalf of the church or organisation.

Why does NZCN have a statement of faith, and require members to indicate assent to it?

NZCN is a Christian network, and like many other Christian organisations with an evangelical heart it requires it leaders and members to assent to an orthodox biblical statement of faith. Such a statement is intended as a shared basis of Christian unity and common purpose, and appropriately respects and protects our core kaupapa (purpose). The statement of faith only deals with primary matters of faith, not secondary issues.

How can I help NZCN grow/flourish?
  • Spread the word… Tell you friends, family and church about us
  • Follow us on our social media platforms and share the content with your friends and connections
  • Pray for us as we carry out our role representing the church in the media and public square.
  • Join us on Pray As One NZ, our weekly, national Zoom meeting where we pray for the spiritual wellbeing of Aotearoa
  • Join a focus group
  • Volunteer your skills. Contact us to discuss
How can I financially support NZCN?

We are a registered charity in New Zealand and can provide receipts for tax purposes on all donations above $5. Perhaps you could consider:

  • giving a donation
  • committing to making a regular donation
  • leaving a bequeath in your will

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