Include a bequest to NZCN in your Will

Once your loved ones have been looked after, continue to help strengthen the church of Aotearoa New Zealand

What is a bequest?

A charitable bequest is a gift specified in your will and gives you the opportunity to acknowledge the ongoing important and vital work of New Zealand Christian Network (NZCN). Whatever form your gift takes (property, an insurance policy, cash or other assets from your estate), the end result is the same – strengthening the church of Aotearoa New Zealand.

Options might include:

- Providing a percentage of your estate to NZCN
- Providing a Residual Bequest, gifting the amount left over from your estate once you have provided for loved ones
- Leaving a fixed amount of money
- Leaving specified items or property
- Gifting a life insurance policy

Why are bequests so important to charities?

Bequests are important for many of the charities in New Zealand. Once loved ones have been looked after, bequests left in wills are an option for many people to support a cause they care deeply about. Even just a small gift in your will could help continue to strengthen the church of Aotearoa New Zealand.

How do I make a Bequest?

It is vital to document any bequests and legacies you wish to make through your will. A bequest to New Zealand Christian Network (NZCN) can be made through writing a will, or making an amendment to your existing will.
If you already have a will but would like to include a gift to NZCN, you can ask your solicitor or Trust Company to make a simple addition; this is called a Codicil.

We recommend discussing your wishes with your family or Trustees so that they are aware that you would like to make a gift to NZCN. If you would like to advise NZCN of your next of kin, we will ensure that we contact them following the receipt of your bequest and update them as to how your gift has been used.

I'd like to leave a bequest to NZCN