By signing up as a member of the New Zealand Christian Network, you are declaring that you are firmly committed to…

  • Biblical Christianity, and Christians to working and praying together
  • Helping the New Zealand church flourish
  • Christians speaking constructively into society

You will be creating your own personal account at the same time as you are creating a membership account for your church. Most of the fields are specifically your personal details, with the exception of when it is prefaced with ‘Church’

Take particular note that the email address and password at the bottom of the form are your personal email address and password. These are what you will use to log into the site in order to access the extra benefits available for individual and church memberships.

NOTE: We recommend that one of the usernames associated with your account is easily recognisable as your church and that it is used when positing any listings on the website such as events and employment opportunities. Usernames can’t be changed but the email address and named person associated with them can.