Building a Strong Family

30 October 2019
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Building a Strong Family

by | Oct 30, 2019

Building a Strong Family

By Phil Strong

Raising kids while keeping your family relationships strong isn’t easy.

When life throws you challenges, it makes things all the more difficult. Nothing can prepare you for the roller coster of family, but knowing how to intentionally build into all aspects of family life can lay the pathway for a strong future.

In this incredibly honest collection of stories the Strong family share real life learnings of establishing a family culture where everyone wins. The stories are sometimes raw, often funny and shared with meaningful honesty that is easy to relate to.

Lana is a long-term friend who has walked through many seasons with the Strong family. When asked about them, she says;

I admire their intentionality. It is easy for family life to just happen, and we become merely reactive parents as a result. Phil and Kathy’s ability to plan ahead in all aspects of their family, and to intentionally build in to their marriage, their family, and their kids, is inspiring.

Expect to laugh as well as cry when you read this book. You’re likely to see your own family situation in many of the stories. But most importantly, the stories are an inspiration to become intentional in building your own strong family.

The story begins in 2009 when Phil and Kathy took their two kids, Jackson and Grace, overseas for a year. They called this their Strong Family Adventure but it was really about rebuilding their family.

Phil and Kathy have a desire to help others by being open and honest about their journey. As published writers they both regularly inspire others. Phil’s first book, Becoming Money Wise, is a New Zealand best-seller and has helped thousands of families to take control of their money.

PHIL STRONG is a successful published author who loves to share insights based on real-life situations and teach principles that are easy to apply. His stories will impact you deeply as you share his journey. His writing style is honest and straight forward. As you read Phil’s writing it is almost as if he is lying on your couch with a cup of coffee chatting and reading his book to you.

Phil has written for online magazines, blogs, newspapers, columns and co-authored with other writers. He has been a regular guest on TV shows, radio talk- back, webinars and is often asked to speak at business mentoring meetings.

As you read his books you’ll be inspired, you’ll be challenged, you’ll be educated, you’ll be provoked and you’ll be activated!

Writing on the subject of money, property, business, family, faith and personal success, Phil relates his personal successes and failures in a way that empowers others.

Review by Julia Martin – NZ Christian Writers

Phil Strong had it all it seemed. He was an ambitious, highly successful businessman with a lovely family; but when his world crumbled, he was left a broken man.

Prompted by a ‘seed-thought’, he decided to embark on an ‘adventure’ overseas to rebuild a strong and stable family. While few of us can replicate such a journey, his practical, faithbased advice and wisdom are suitable for families everywhere.

Written ten years later and with hindsight, Phil’s book contains family stories and experiences which he uses to show the strategies, principles
and core values he and Kathy learned and put into practice with their two children.

Phil outlines five keys – intentionality, diligence, integrity, faithfulness and commitment as the foundation stones for success. At the end of each
chapter, he gives a wise summary statement such as: ‘Allow your family to learn the consequences of choice’.

Inevitably the journey wasn’t all plain sailing, but I commend Phil and his family for their honesty, transparency and humour.

I thoroughly recommend this practical, down-toearth guidebook. I particularly liked the challenge of his final statement: ‘A legacy is more powerful when who you leave behind trumps what you leave behind’.


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