Easter message of hope and love in the Herald

7 April 2015
Glyn Carpenter

Easter message of hope and love in the Herald

by | Apr 7, 2015

sunrise1NZ Christian Network would like to express our thanks once again to the NZ Herald for printing the joint Easter message from Auckland Church Leaders.

The Herald has been running these joint Easter and Christmas articles for several years now in what is a good example of Christian leaders working together in unity.

This year’s Easter message begins …

Christians enjoy chocolate as much as anybody. We enjoy the look on our kids’ faces when they see what the Easter Bunny has brought. We certainly enjoy two extra days off. At the same time we understand that the events we celebrate on Easter weekend are central to our Christian faith and therefore central to our lives. The events about 2000 years ago concerning a man named Jesus are commemorated by millions of Christians the world over at Easter because these events change our perspective on pain, brokenness, grief, death, and life itself.   Read on …  A man’s pain brings a message of hope and love to humanity – National – NZ Herald News.

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