5th of November 2018 11:08 AM
The World Evangelical Alliance (WEA) together with the Association of Evangelicals in Africa (AEA) and the Nigeria Evangelical Fellowship (NEF) calls for prayer for Leah Sharibu, a Christian girl who has been held hostage by Boko Haram since the beginning of the year. They also urge the Nigerian government and the international community to increase their efforts to ensure that she will be freed as soon as possible.

Read more: https://www.worldea.org/news/4903/wea-calls-for-prayer-for-leah-sharibu-challenges-nigerian-government-to-do-more-to-see-her-freed
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5th of October 2018 04:44 PM
We are looking forward to a fantastic morning of celebrating Auckland, prayer, fellowship and great food.

And some of our sponsors have great resources to share with those who can make it. But if you can't, keep posted. We will be sharing what we can after the big event.

Hope to see you there! https://nzchristiannetwork.org.nz/events/auckland-prayer-breakfast-2018/
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28th of September 2018 11:49 AM
Cross-Cultural Leadership Course

This course is being coordinated by Bryan Johnson to empower people to make disciples from many cultural backgrounds using Biblical concepts of humility, honour and respect that will multiply the Kingdom of God.

This 8-week course begins Wednesday, 8 October and will be held at the Auckland Baptist Tabernacle.

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26th of September 2018 01:56 PM
We are excited to offer copies of the Te Rongopai DVD at this year's Auckland Prayer Breakfast for a reduced price of $15 per copy to be collected at the breakfast from the NZCN information table.

If you have already booked your ticket, you can pre-purchase copies of the DVD here: https://nzchristiannetwork.org.nz/product/te-rongopai-apb-special/
And if you haven't booked your tickets yet... you better hurry up! We have already surpassed last years bookings and space is limited. https://nzchristiannetwork.org.nz/events/auckland-prayer-breakfast-2018/
13th of September 2018 02:01 PM
If you are in Auckland and want to join in at this year's Auckland Prayer Breakfast, you best get in quick! Earlybird pricing is available until 18 September, when tickets go up to $30 each.

We are keen to help people start prayer breakfasts in their own region, and joining in is one of the best ways to experience what can be done in yours. So why don't you come along?

8th of September 2018 03:57 PM
It's true. Good things happen when we spend quality time with each other. We sure hope you can join us this year at Eden Park for the annual Auckland Prayer Breakfast.

Bring a friend! https://nzchristiannetwork.org.nz/events/auckland-prayer-breakfast-2018/
4th of September 2018 12:29 PM
Elevate's annual National Camp is less than six weeks away! Spaces for campers are almost filled but they still in need of volunteers.

Would you be able to spread the word to your church? These camps rely on volunteers who are assigned a camper to support for the weekend. There are also other roles we still need to be filled, particularly with medical, security and clean-up teams.

See https://elevatecdtcamp.org.nz for details.
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28th of August 2018 11:43 AM
Auckland Prayer Breakfast 2018 tickets are on sale now. 3 weeks left for the discounted earlybird rate of $25 per person.

Details: http://www.aucklandprayerbreakfast.org.nz/
Tickets: https://nzchristiannetwork.org.nz/events/auckland-prayer-breakfast-2018/
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14th of August 2018 11:39 AM
September 2018 marks the 80th anniversary of the passage of the first Labour Government’s landmark Social Security Act. On the eve of this important anniversary, it is timely to reflect on the current deficiencies of our welfare state and how the vision of its founders can be renewed and more fully realized.

The University of Otago invites you to hear Jonathan Boston,
Professor of Public Policy - Victoria University Wellington speak at a lecture on Wednesday 15 August 5:15 - 6:30 pm
13th of August 2018 03:45 PM
It's important to pray, not just for what's going on in the world, but for those who are tasked with keeping us informed.

Spread the word and encourage your church to make time on Sunday 9 September for Media Prayer Day.

See https://mediaprayerday.com/ for information and resources.
27th of July 2018 05:13 PM
Things just got better... We expect the function room at Eden Park to be filled to capacity!

For more details and to purchase tickets: http://aucklandprayerbreakfast.org.nz
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13th of June 2018 11:46 AM
It's Disability Awareness Sunday this week. Head over to their page and check out the resources they have created. I recommend you check out the touching behind the scenes story for what happened when this video was being filmed. God is with us!
21st of May 2018 10:01 AM
Public hearings begin today on the End of Life Choice Bill.

Of the 35,000+ submissions, 3500 people indicated they were wanted to present in person, and it has been decided that they will all be given the opportunity to be heard.

Please pray that these proceedings be endowed with grace, wisdom and discernment.
18th of May 2018 12:26 PM
Time Critical - Submissions close at 5pm TODAY

Online submissions: http://abortionlaw.lawcom.govt.nz/views/
Email submissions: alr@lawcom.govt.nz

The Government has asked the Law Commission for advice on what alternative approaches could be taken in the law to align with a health approach to abortion.

Specifically, the Government has asked the Law Commission to review the criminal aspects of abortion law, the grounds for abortion and the process for receiving abortion services.
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14th of May 2018 03:25 PM
Reminder: Disability Awareness Sunday – 17th June 2018

This is an opportunity to be intentional about disability awareness and is a great way to educate your church. It is not just about raising awareness, but celebrating and encouraging people with disabilities in their gifts and ministries. This video highlights that regardless of our ability we are all human. We all have hopes and dreams. We all need people we connect with.

For more information and resources: http://elevatecdt.org.nz/
22nd of March 2018 08:11 AM
An inspiring story of one of the Lord's wise servants.
14th of March 2018 11:34 AM
A generous demonstration of community and the importance of keeping it together as well as acting responsibly.
5th of March 2018 06:55 PM
Have you made your submission about the "End of Life Choice Bill" yet? The clock is ticking. Please let the Justice Select Committee know your views before it is too late! And while you're at it, help or encourage someone else to make theirs.

Be informed (guidelines, links and key information): https://nzchristiannetwork.org.nz/churches-and-individuals-urged-to-organise-submissions-on-the-end-of-life-choice-bill #EndOfLifeChoice #EndOfLifeChoiceBill
27th of February 2018 07:30 PM
You will have heard that a giant of the faith has gone to be with the Lord. Dr Billy Graham died peacefully aged 99 on 21 February from natural causes at his home in Montreat North Carolina surrounded by his family.

A group of Christian leaders is bringing together a memorial service to honour Billy (and Ruth) Graham in Auckland this
Friday 2 March 2018 at 7:30 pm (Please be seated by 7:15 pm) at Greenlane Christian Centre - Marewa Road, Greenlane

Many New Zealanders owe Billy Graham a huge debt of gratitude. On his first visit here in 1959, his six meetings attracted 355,000, with about 16,000 recorded responses to the invitation to follow Christ. On his second visit in 1969, his five meetings attracted 235,000, with about 7,500 recorded responses.

Lives were transformed. Future Christian leaders of wide influence were born again, whole families were redeemed, and generations born since are now following the Lord. The impact of Billy Graham's ministry is incalculable.
26th of February 2018 09:43 AM
If you were a doctor and had any moral, religious, or ethical concerns about euthanasia, what would you do? This is a "serious problem, with physicians put in the impossible position of having to choose between their conscience and being allowed to continue to care for their patients." Dr John Lee, FIAMC president.

"The WMA (World Medical Association) has plans to introduce two policy measures to facilitate worldwide abortion and euthanasia by curtailing doctors’ conscientious objection”.

The Justice Select Committee has extended the date for submissions until midnight Tuesday 6 March. Silence on this issue can be interpreted as support.

If you are concerned about euthanasia being legalised in New Zealand, make your submission to the Justice Select Committee now. And while you're at it, help or encourage someone else to make theirs.

Be informed (guidelines, links and key information): https://nzchristiannetwork.org.nz/churches-and-individuals-urged-to-organise-submissions-on-the-end-of-life-choice-bill #EndOfLifeChoice #EndOfLifeChoiceBill

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