More unity as NZ Christian Network goes regional

by | 13 Jun 2013 | 0 comments

More unity as NZ Christian Network goes regional

by | 13 Jun 2013 | 0 comments

Political regions of New Zealand

National Director Glyn Carpenter said he is very pleased to announce that NZ Christian Network has gone regional.

“Regional Advocates have been confirmed around the country based for the most part on relationships developed over the past 10 years” he said.

All of the people selected have a keenness for unity and to see the Gospel – the Good News of Jesus Christ – extended throughout New Zealand.

“I will continue to make visits around the country as I have done previously”.  But the Regional Advocates will significantly enhance the work of the Network by receiving our regular updates and then highlighting items of particular relevance within the region to local ministers’ groups.

Essentially you could say we all resonate closely with Jesus’s prayer in John 17 …

“may they be one that the world will know”.

Regional Advocates will also take responsibility to send information about local issues and initiatives which may be relevant or of interest to other parts of the church to NZ Christian Network for wider distribution.

“Just today I received a call from the Northland Regional Advocate who told me about 12 churches in Whangarei that are working together through the Just 10 study series, and about the sense of blessing and encouragement that it is having”.


Regional Advocates (June 2013)

1. Northland (Ron Brewer)

2. Auckland (Bruce Patrick)

3. Waikato (Derek Allen)

4. Bay of Plenty (James Muir)

5. Gisborne (Ray Sheldrake)

6. Hawkes Bay (Bruce Collingwood)

7. Taranaki (Martien Kelderman)

8. Manawatu-Wanganui (Robert Scott)

9. Wellington (Nick Field)

10. Tasman-Nelson-Marlborough (Bob Barnes)

11. West Coast (Tim Mora)

12. Canterbury (Max Palmer)

13. Otago (Peter Cheyne)

14. Southland (Ian Wright)

Glyn Carpenter
Author: Glyn Carpenter

Glyn Carpenter was National Director of New Zealand Christian Network from March 2003 to 2017. He attends Northcote Baptist Church in Auckland, is married to Christine (married in 1981), and they have three sons – two working as doctors and one in computer science.

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