At Congress 2014, we launched a new resource for churches called NZCN | NOTE. These documents, when printed double-sided and folded correctly, become handy little notes for people that explain a variety of topics of interest to the church in general.


How to make a copy:

  1. Select and download the file from the list below.
  2. Print as a double sided document if you can or print just page one, flip the paper accordingly and print page two. Make sure you select ‘to fit’ under scaling.
  3. Fold the document in half down the length of the paper so that the full page spread is on the inside.
  4. Fold the document in half again across the width so that the cover page is on the front, our details are on the back and the main text is on the inside.

These documents can be printed in colour or grayscale.

Please feel free to share these documents within the body of Christ.

Booklet versions of NZCN|Notes

Print version not yet available

Print version not yet available