NZCN Press: Evangelicals urge care with ‘healing oil’ reports

28 March 2014
Glyn Carpenter

NZCN Press: Evangelicals urge care with ‘healing oil’ reports

by | Mar 28, 2014

Media Release – 28 March 2014

NZCN Press: Evangelicals urge care with ‘healing oil’ reports

New Zealand Christian Network is urging people to be careful about reports that ‘healing oil’ promoted by an evangelical church can cure people.

Network national director Glyn Carpenter said “NZ Christian Network is the New Zealand member of the World Evangelical Alliance, and represents a biblical voice in New Zealand.  Evangelical Christians who base their faith on the Bible would not support the contention that oil can heal problems such as physical ailments or failing marriages.

We do believe in a God who can heal and does heal, but this does not happen every time we want it, and certainly not because oil is applied.
Oil is used in many churches in the course of prayer for healing, but it does not cause or guarantee healing”.

Carpenter said “It does not appear from the media reports that the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God – the church promoting the healing oil event in Auckland this weekend – has actually said anything in their promotion that we would disagree with.

“If however it is claimed at the event or anywhere else that oil actually has healing power, that would be a different story”.


New Zealand Christian Network is a broad-spectrum network of churches and Christian leaders,   with a Board of Reference that includes leaders from all the main denominations. It seeks to   present a biblically orthodox position on issues, reflecting the views of the majority of   Christians in New Zealand.

Glyn Carpenter
National Director, New Zealand Christian Network
Mobile 022 184 7466

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