NZCN|Media Release – Call for prayer for NZ troops

by | 25 Feb 2015 | 0 comments

NZCN|Media Release – Call for prayer for NZ troops

by | 25 Feb 2015 | 0 comments

25 February 2015

New Zealand Christian Network calls New Zealanders to pray for New Zealand troops

New Zealand Christian Network director Glyn Carpenter is asking New Zealanders to join in prayer for safety for the troops being deployed to Iraq and the conflict with Islamic State.

“People have different views on whether troops should be sent or not. It was a very difficult decision and we are praying for the Prime Minister, and the government, and all our politicians.

“But we hope that all New Zealanders could be united in praying for the safety of those troops who will be deployed on this mission. Most of us can do little or nothing about what will happen over in Iraq. But we can pray. And we should pray – asking God to keep our troops safe.

“Even though they are not supposed to be in a combat role, this does not mean that this could not happen” said Carpenter.

“We ask people also to pray earnestly for a speedy end to this conflict with Islamic State, and to the horrific killings and terror attacks we see reported regularly through our news media. We pray for the safety of all those who are working to bring this about”.


New Zealand Christian Network is a broad-spectrum network of churches and Christian leaders, with a Board of Reference that includes leaders from all the main denominations. It seeks to present a biblically orthodox position on issues, reflecting the views of the majority of Christians in New Zealand.
For queries or further information contact: Glyn Carpenter
National Director, New Zealand Christian Network
Mobile 022 1 847466022 184 74

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