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by | 25 Jul 2019

In recent months there has been quite a ferment in both New Zealand and Australia around issues of freedom of belief and expression, reflecting both the tragic events in Christchurch and the various public responses to Israel Folau’s post on social media and the subsequent actions of the Australian Rugby Union. Those issues are discussed in a new opinion piece by Dr Stuart Lange, our National Director (interim), posted today on our website.

Gavan O’Farrell continues his series of articles on atheism and we also include stories of progress on the Bible Society’s translation of the Tokelauan Bible and development of their written language, a book review of A Skylark Flies and advice from WEA’s Helen Calder on dealing with changes in life.

We are also in full swing planning the fourth annual Auckland Prayer Breakfast. Tickets are on sale now so, if you live in Auckland or, if you want to see how a large scale prayer breakfast works before setting up one in your area, come along! Hamilton is also planning to have their inaugural breakfast on Wednesday 4 September 2019. Details will be released on our website as they become available!

Other events are highlighted from our calendar. Although most are in the Auckland region this time, there are others from around the country. Please contact me if you are interested in listing your event with us.

We encourage you to share items on our website with friends and family.

Also of note, Family First ran their 12th annual FORUM ON THE FAMILY event earlier this month. The topics covered included euthanasia, media, freedom of speech, marijuana debate, political activism and abortion. Information and videos of the speakers can be found here and are well worth your time.

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