Submission guide: Conversion Practices Prohibition Legislation Bill

by | 25 Aug 2021 | 0 comments

Submission guide: Conversion Practices Prohibition Legislation Bill

by | 25 Aug 2021 | 0 comments

YOUR VOICE MATTERS: How to be heard

While it is easy to agree and disagree with other people’s opinions, it’s actually rare for someone to take a stand and speak up either in support or against an issue in a way that counts. Why? Sometimes, it’s because they think their voice doesn’t really matter. Sometimes they are scared to let others know what they really think because it might not agree with the overruling sentiment. And sometimes, they really just don’t know how to go about it.

When it comes to issues that affect society, often the best way to be heard is to add weight to the voices of others. And during lockdown, the best way to do this is by making an online submission.

Online Submission Form:
Conversion Practices Prohibition Legislation Bill

The Select Committee’s online submission form takes you through the simple steps including the option to make an oral suggestion or to upload your submission as a document or PDF.

Four simple steps to making your submission

Take time to understand the issue

Spend time reading testimonies, background info, articles, talk to friends and family, and pray.

Key resources:

NZCN’s submission: coming soon
Article: Problems with the “Conversion Practices” Bill, and a suggestion

Additional resources:

Guide: How to write to Members of Parliament

Write what you want to say to the Select Committee considering this bill.

Be brief and share your views. Do not copy other submissions however, you may quote others with appropriate credit to the source. If appropriate, tell your story and provide personal reasons to support your submission.

It is very important that submissions are:

  • respectful and sensitive, rather than angry and hostile
  • thoughtful and measured
  • related closely and accurately to the actual text of the Bill, rather than just to generalities
  • if possible constructively suggesting changes or improvements to the Bill
  • reflecting a biblical perspective, but not normally quoting scripture
  • generally quite brief

At all times, be positive, respectful and constructive. Avoid overly religious language, personal attacks, negative labels, or angry words. Highlight what you are FOR and what you OPPOSE in the Conversion Practices Prohibition Legislation Bill.

Consider quoting Dr Stuart Lange, National Director – New Zealand Christian Network with this suggested additional clause:

To give effect to the second purpose of the Act as stated in 3(b), and to mitigate most of the inappropriate likely consequences of this Bill, we very strongly recommend a further clause be inserted into Section 5 (2), that…

[“in this Act, conversion practice does not include— ]

(g) respectful and open discussions regarding sexuality and gender, and advice, guidance, prayer, or support given to anyone by anyone else including parents, family members, friends, counsellors, religious leaders, or health professionals, when such advice or support is requested, and is respectful and non-coercive”.

Click the button above to make an online submission

Your personal information will not be published if you use the online process – just your name. If you do upload a doc or PDF, don’t put any personal info on it.

Press the SUBMIT button

That’s it. Your submission has been sent AND received.

Additional things you can do:

When you send your submission in, please consider also emailing or posting a copy to your local MP. You can find out who your local MP is (and their email address) on the parliamentary website.

Share your submission with friends and family and let them know how easy it was to do. It may inspire them to make a submission also.

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