NZCN|Media Release – NZCN calls for prayers and understanding over Sydney hostage incident

NZCN|Media Release – NZCN calls for prayers and understanding over Sydney hostage incident

Media Release – 15 December 2014

New Zealand Christian Network director Glyn Carpenter is calling for people to pray and exercise understanding over the Sydney hostage incident.

“Most important” Carpenter says, “is to pray for the victims and families of those directly involved in the incident – especially those who have been killed or injured.

“I wrote earlier today to our sister organisation in Australia expressing sympathy and saying that Kiwis all over New Zealand would be praying for them all.

“We are also calling for understanding, and praying that this will not result in any backlash towards Muslims in Australia or New Zealand.

“News reports indicate that the gunman was a sociopath who was using religion as a cover for his common criminal activity. We have plenty of examples of sociopathic behaviour in New Zealand and I’m sure in Australia. Most commonly these are not linked to any religion and don’t result in any negative backlash, so there’s absolutely no reason for there to be one in this case.

“We thank the media who have quickly exposed the gunman’s lack of connection with mainstream Muslim community in Australia, and call on Kiwis to continue to grow friendship and hospitality to Muslims living in New Zealand.

“And we pray for all the victims and their families as they try to come to grips with the aftermath of this tragic incident”.

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For queries or further information contact: Glyn Carpenter
National Director, New Zealand Christian Network