Prayer, Cities and Prayer Summits

by | 26 May 2015 | 0 comments

Prayer, Cities and Prayer Summits

by | 26 May 2015 | 0 comments

What would it take to see a move of God initiated and sustained in a geographic area?” This is the question posed by Dr. Joe Aldrich who initiated the Prayer Summit movement. After meeting Joe and others I was trained by them to carry on this ministry, particularly in South East Asia, Australia and New Zealand, and have now been facilitating prayer summits over the last 20 years. What a great privilege it has been to have seen leaders from different traditions and denominations within the Body of Christ come together. In these times God has melted hearts, reconciled, and directed leaders as they commit to a worshipful, prayerful environment seeking God. Most often it is pastors who attend these summits but over recent years there has been a growing trend for other key ministry people and market place leaders to attend also. This has allowed for a better representation of leaders in the Body of Christ in one locality to pray together. Hence the term ‘leaders prayer summits’.

The key component to these summits is setting our hearts to worship Jesus – with sensitivity to the various worship traditions represented. As leaders stay focused on Jesus, humbly seeking His face, not His hand, (which means leaving aside our prayer requests for the meantime) there comes a greater awareness of God and a greater sensitivity to the leading of the Holy Spirit. Times of worship can then lead to times of meditating on the Word of God together, often on those scriptures that highlight the greatness of God, who He is and what He has done for us. It may lead to praying for one another or praying for the city or some alone time. All as seems right at the time. As the summit progresses there comes a greater clarity as to the reality of where things are really at and how leaders might better go forward together as they seek to continue in unity and serve their communities.

In the last short while I have facilitated two of these summits as well as having been involved with other prayer gatherings. it is very encouraging to see the number of places where Christians are gathering regularly to worship and pray for their city or town. This coming together to pray and seek God in worship and prayer is a vital component to the wellbeing of the places where God has located us. We need to remember that only God can bring the changes we desire for our cities and towns.

How have you been impacted by prayer summits? I’d encourage you to include your thoughts in the comments so that others can be encouraged by your experiences.

Until next time, God bless.


Colin Shaw
Author: Colin Shaw

Colin, with his wife Grace, was commissioned by the City by City team and carry a God-given burden/vision for Christian leaders, in each locality, to gather as one in order to share and pray together. They encourage Christian leaders to focus on what they have in common rather than the things that too often divide and to keep all things Christ-centered. All that Christ be made known and glorified through His Body the church of that locality.

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