Praying for mental health, in our troubled New Zealand society

by | 18 Jul 2022 | 0 comments

Praying for mental health, in our troubled New Zealand society

by | 18 Jul 2022 | 0 comments

Every Monday night, between 8.00 pm and 9.00 pm, many people connected with NZCN join on-line with others in Pray As One NZ. This is a wonderful opportunity to pray together with fellow Christian believers from all over New Zealand, from all sorts of churches and backgrounds. If you haven’t come on to PrayAsOne already, we warmly invite you to do so. This is the link.

Each week Pray As One has a focus on a different topic.

Last Monday’s topic was mental health. In our fallen, flawed humanity, no one is immune to mental health struggles. Underlying predispositions, rejection, loneliness, loss, life crises, fractured relationships, addictions, stress, anxiety, moral confusion, and the lessening of Christian faith or hope – any of those (and many other things) could be risk factors.

Some of the prayer points mentioned on Pray As One this week were along these lines. You might like to pray them too.

We pray…

  • For those who feel desperate, and without hope
  • For the healing of inner brokenness
  • For those who are considering suicide
  • For those who live with someone else with mental health issues
  • For frontline workers and counsellors in the mental health field, for great wisdom, and their own wellbeing
  • For Christians to impart comfort and hope in a loving, sensitive way
  • For churches to be places of acceptance and love
  • For the Holy Spirit to speak grace, truth and hope into many lives
  • For the Lord to bring a new wave of hope sweeping over the young people of New Zealand, through a great spiritual work bringing many to life and wholeness in Jesus.
Dr Stuart Lange
Author: Dr Stuart Lange

Dr Stuart Lange is the National Director of the NZCN and is a Senior Research Fellow at Laidlaw College, where he was formerly Vice Principal. Stuart wrote and presented the historical DVD documentary Te Rongopai: 200 years of the Gospel in New Zealand, 1814-2014.

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