The Blessing | Aotearoa New Zealand

19 January 2021

The Blessing | Aotearoa New Zealand

by | Jan 19, 2021

The Blessing | Aotearoa New Zealand – Released 20 April 2020

One song became an anthem to the world as we entered into a global pandemic. The Blessing, sung by virtual choirs and pieced together from a myriad of home recordings and made in isolation.

New Zealand’s offering, recorded as we came out of our first national full lockdown in May 2020, was released as the city of Auckland entered a regional lockdown in August. This project was completed by people working remotely with others they had never physically met and yet, it stands as a remarkable demonstration of what happens when we work together as believers in Christ, put our trust in Him, and declare His blessing to an isolated and hurting world.

NZCN’s General Manager, Gayann, was keen to be involved in this project, providing Grant Norsworthy, More Than Music Mentor, with assistance sourcing people from around the nation to join the virtual choir and feedback as the project developed.

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