Why “Reading the Bible Faithfully” matters

14 November 2015
Glyn Carpenter

Why “Reading the Bible Faithfully” matters

by | Nov 14, 2015

There are some things which are basic in our Christian lives – things like prayer, Bible reading, worship, witness.

NZ Christian Network organised two major discussions recently – one on marriage and one on secularism, involving regional leaders, members of our focus discussion groups, theologians, and some national church leaders,  And the common theme at the conclusion of these discussions is that we need to be praying more and we need to be reading our Bibles better.

So I was delighted when I followed up these discussions with Tim Bulkeley, former lecturer at Carey Baptist College and now roving Bible teacher and scholar, and Tim expressed a passionate interest in seeing something done about the Bible reading part of that equation.

Tim had (rather helpfully) already prepared a 5 minute video clip to introduce what he had in mind (see video link). It is similar to a course he has taught many times in New Zealand and continues to teach internationally.

The church I attend is running the introduction session in a couple of weeks time, and we will then be working with some other Bible lecturers to figure out how best to structure this for NZ churches and what would be the best delivery mechanisms.

If you are interested in staying informed, please leave your name and details on our office number (09) 525 0949

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